BUSTED… Wisconsin Leftist Doctors Caught Breaking the Law – Signing Fraudulent Documents

CAUGHT ON TAPE!! Licensed Wisconsin Doctor willfully and fraudulently signs sick leave form for healthy individual.
This is a new report on the fraud in Madison.
The doctors were out there ALL DAY LONG.
A young Wisconsin Republican Josiah sent this to me tonight.

Hey Jim,

Sorry we got separated today. In hind sight, it’s probably better. I found those doctors and took pictures, but it gets better.

I got them helping me fill it out, helping me come up with a sickness, deciding how long it will last, how to talk to my superior, how to “not” break the law etc. I got the works in clear, video form with perfect sound!

Are you interested? Should I send this to you?

I know Fox picked up on these doctors, but they DIDN’T catch them breaking the law and forging sick leave passes, I DID.


Here’s the video:

Glenn Reynolds, Rebel Pundit and Ann Althouse has more on these phony documents.

Free Republic
has copies of the signed notes.

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