BUSTED! Medical Fraud Exposed in Wisconsin – Josiah Cantrall on FOX News

FOX News continued to report on the Wisconsin democrat’s medical fraud scandal this morning.
Republican youth leader Josiah Cantrall was on to discuss the fraud with Bill Hemmer this morning. A icensed Wisconsin doctor willfully and fraudulently signed a sick leave form for a healthy individual, Josiah, at the Saturday leftist rally after the massive tea party event.
Josiah talked about the crime this morning.

From the video: Josiah Cantrall on FOX News discussing his video of medical fraud in Madison, Wisconsin. Doctor Adam Balin, gives him sick pass, helps him come up with the sickness and explains why Josiah won’t get in trouble!

Nice work exposing the left’s fraud, Josiah!

UPDATE: Josiah was also on America’s Nightly Scorecard tonight- Video here.

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