Breaking: Situation Escalates in Wisconsin – RIOT POLICE Called in On Violent Leftists at 2 AM

A Wisconsin State Patrol officer grabs a protester trying to storm the Assembly chamber at the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison, Wis., Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011. (AP)

USA Breaking News reported:

MotherJones reports that their sources have said that riot police have been ordered to clear protesters from the Wisconsin Capitol building at 2 AM. Protesters have been surrounding the Capital Building in recent days because of a budget battle and issues with workers unions. Wisconsin’s Democratic Senators have even fled the state to avoid the budget votes and protesting in the state.

Many of the Senators are suspected of hiding out in Chicago hotels, outside the reach of Wisconsin State Police.

The children were still hanging out in the capital building at 2 AM?
They were lucky it was only riot police who were sent in.

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