AWOL WISCONSIN DEMS LOCATED- Heritage Inn & Suites in Harvard, IL

If you spot this dangerous mob please proceed with caution.
Call 1-608-266-3212 if you see them. (Wisconsin Highway Patrol)

The Wisconsin Fleebaggers have been located!
Heritage Inn and Suites – Harvard, Illinois

1701 S Division St, Harvard, IL, 60033 United States

The Badger 14 Blog has more–


After days of journalists meeting with the fugitive Wisconsin “Badger 14″ senators and disclosing only that they’re in an “undisclosed location” in Illinois, it appears that one press outlet has broken the embargo on their precise location.

Early this evening, Wausau’s WAOW reported on its website: “The 14 Democratic Senators who fled the state are assumed to be just over the border in Harvard, Illinois.”

That report appears corroborated by the remark Sen. Tim Carpenter made earlier in the day, when asked by an interviewer with Milwaukee’s TMJ4 where, exactly, in Illinois he was. Sen. Carpenter said: “Well, I can look out my window and see Wisconsin. But not the Soviet Union — just Wisconsin.” Read and listen here. Indeed, it turns out that Harvard, Illinois, is on the northern border of Illinois (about 85 miles southeast of Madison), so that someone in a high-rise Harvard hotel could easily see Wisconsin out the window. Google map here.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The “Badger 14″ senators are hiding at Harvard. Able to see Wisconsin. Straining to see the Soviet Union.

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