Althouse & Meade Confront WI Protesters On Disrespecting War Memorial (Video)

Ann Althouse continues her excellent coverage of the Wisconsin union protests.

Ann Althouse took this video yesterday — Saturday, February 26th — at the Wisconsin Capitol building. Her husband wanted to go back to see if the protesters had followed through on their promise to remove their things from the Veterans Memorial. There was still a lot of junk piled up against it.

From the video: Saturday, February 26, 2011, at the protest at the Wisconsin Capitol building. This is our second encounter with the protesters who put there stuff up against the base of the monument. The signs that had been taped all over the back of the monument had been removed. There’s a big police presence, and a woman pokes her nose into the conversation to tell me I’m being “rude.” I ask if maybe it’s “rude” to treat the Veterans Memorial like that, and she tells me it’s all — protesters and veterans — a fight for “democracy” and turns and walks away.

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