NOT AGAIN— VIOLENT LEFTIST THUG Attacks Tea Party Patriot at Sacramento Rally (Video)

We’ve seen this played out so many times over the past couple of years it’s getting to be routine.
A far left union thug physically attacked a tea party protester today in Sacramento, California.
Big Government posted the video:

Did you notice this thug was screaming something about fascism right before he struck the tea partier.
Violent and stupid is no way to get through life.

Chuck DeVore wrote about the encounter today.

With hundreds of supporters each, tea partiers and activists faced off on opposed sides of 10th Street. organized the rally to support union workers protesting in Wisconsin. Tea partiers organized the rally against union workers.

“Gov. Walker has created a false sense of fiscal emergency in his state,” said a veteran teacher from the Sacramento Unified School District.

“Collective bargaining means that they go to their empoyer and try to coerce more pay or benefits out of them,” countered East Bay’s Jose Ornelis.

The opposing rallies were divided by 10th Street, west of the State Capitol. All was peaceful, until members supporting unions crossed the street.

An amateur videographer caught a shoving match on tape. The video showed a face to face argument right before Richard Andazola, 28, of Stockton, shoved a tea party activist.

“He bum rushed across the street, came right at us, swung his bullhorn at me, hit me in the hand and then put his hand around my throat and started choking me,” Rodney Stanhope of Placerville said.

At least he didn’t get his finger bitten off this time.

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