Unreal. Dupnik Tells Olbermann: “People Who Make Living Preaching Hate… Have Some Responsibility” For the Tucson Murders (Video)

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik became a media sensationi overnight after he blamed conservatives, without one iota of evidence, for the shootings in Tucson by a leftwing pothead. Only one of three Americans agree with the far left crank that heated vitriol in the public square had anything to do with the shootings.
Last night Sheriff Clarence Dupnik made it on Keith Olbermann:.

“When you’re talking to a person who is unstable to begin with and they are motivated in some cases by the rhetoric that they hear and they see. And, in general terms, that is why I say that people who make a living preaching hate, to hate the government, be angry at the government, destroy the government, to do it to politicians, elected officials and so forth, have some responsibility. Even though it may be free speech, I don’t think it goes without some responsibility and some consequences.”

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