Turkish Family Told to Take Down Dead Meat Hanging in Yard (Video)

A Turkish family in South St. Louis was told by local officials to take down the dead meat hanging out in their yard.

The squirrels and animals were getting into the food.
FOX 2 Now reported:

A family from Turkey hung chunks of meat and poultry outside to cure or “season” on Christmas day according to neighbor Dan Wampler. “It’s out in direct sunlight all day long and the squirrels and animals are getting into the food,” he said Wednesday as he stood on the other side of the fence from the backyard.

Wampler said a neighbor’s dog had become ill and thrown up pieces of poultry bone and raw meat while he kept his dog from eating another bone with decaying meat attached. Worried about the health of pets and children in the area, he contacted the St. Louis County Health Department but got no action until he contacted FOX 2 News. A call from the news room to the health department resulted in a health inspector checking on the complaint and asking the owners to remove the raw meat. They did remove the meat Wednesday afternoon.

The dead ducks would hang out in the backyard for days at a time.

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