Tucson Tea Party Will Counter-Protest Westboro Cult

The Tucson Tea Party sent this out last night.
They are planning to counter-protest the Westboro cult at the funeral of the Tucson shooting victims.
This came after the Westboro cult announced that they will protest the funeral of Christina Green.


Location of the funeral: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, 8650 North Shannon (on Shannon north of Magee on the east side of the street) http://www.facebook.com/l/70f63WFLOt7owiGiMP1bRUJ5FSA;www.seastucson.org
Time of funeral: 1:00 p.m.
Recommended time of arrival: 11:00 a.m.
Location of gathering for supporters: We will be lining the street along Shannon Road

Please remember that we are there to support the community and family, but not as attendees of the funeral. Please do not park in the church parking lot or follow the procession when they depart the church.

Parking: DO NOT PARK AT THE CHURCH – WE ARE NOT ATTENDING THE FUNERAL AND THAT PARKING IS FOR THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF THE VICTIM. We are currently scouting parking locations. The location of the church is remote with very few places to park nearby, so we will be contacting other locations locally to get permission to park in their lots and shuttle people to the location where we will be assembling. More information to follow tomorrow. Shannon Road has plenty of parking along the road, but we are concerned that law enforcement will prohibit parking along the road due to the high profile nature of this funeral and the potential for conflict. Parking will be a problem, so please plan to carpool if at all possible.


Please be respectful to law enforcement and comply with their requests without question or challenging them. This is going to be a difficult day for law enforcement and our community.

We ask everyone to make sure that our overall tone is civil and respectful in accordance with the serious and somber circumstances of the day. Do not allow yourself to be provoked and bear in mind that our presence is about the victim and her family and loved ones and not about political ideology. The family has also asked for no media, so preserving the privacy and dignity of the family is our highest priority.

Please adhere to the following code of conduct:
*Please be peaceful with all other attendees and possible protestors at all times
*This is a non-partisan gathering of many members of our community, so please refrain from political discourse
*Please do not wear any clothing that has logos for political, activist or community groups. It has been requested that our community members that will be at the funeral to support the family all wear white.
*Please do not pass out any literature or use this gathering as an opportunity to promote a group or individual or religious viewpoint
*Please do not bring any signs. This is not a rally or protest, and signs and banners are not appropriate for a funeral.
*Please do expect a diverse gathering of supporters for the family. The tragedy has brought our entire community together in unity to support the victims and their families.

It is very important to stress that this IS NOT a political event. We will stand together regardless of our beliefs and/or differences united to honor the family and shield the family from Westboro Baptist or any other individuals or groups who want to exploit the funeral of this child for their own personal gain/publicity. We will not have signs or any material that promotes any type of agenda. While we are helping to disseminate information to help people better organize, this a community event and we want to come together in unity to mourn and honor the fallen, the wounded, and their loved ones.

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