TIME Traveling: Lib Mag Transforms Obama From Socialist FDR to Conservative Reagan

Granted the liberal media hated Ronald Reagan.
But suddenly this popular president is useful to their far left agenda.

Forget for a minute that Barack Obama is the anti-Reagan in every way…
The latest issue of TIME Magazine compares Obama to Ronald Reagan.

Now they want us to believe that this big government FDR socialist is more like conservative Reagan…

NewsBusters reported on this transformation.


What a difference a shellacking makes . . .

Just after Barack Obama won the White House in 2008, Time photoshopped him into an iconic FDR photo at the wheel of a convertible, jaunty cigarette-holder in mouth.

Obama was riding high as the champion of the left, the promise and personification of a born-again big-government New Deal. That was then, this is the 9+% unemployment, recent-shellacking now. So with which president does Time now find it in the president’s interest to be associated? Why, Ronald Reagan, of course.

The new Time cover, unveiled by Time editor Rick Stengel on Morning Joe today, features a Photoshop of a smiling Obama and Reagan, the Gipper’s arm approvingly clapped around PBO’s shoulder. The legend: “Why Obama Loves Reagan,” [a symbolic heart in place of "loves”].

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