Thanks to Bush – South Sudan Votes for Independence Today

George W. Bush liberated more than 50,000,000 people during his time in office.
Today, because of Bush’s determination, the people of South Sudan will vote for their independence from the brutal northern regime.
ITNNews reported:

The Christian Science Monitor reported on clashes near the border.

Clashes struck Sudan’s north-south border Saturday, including in the nation’s disputed flashpoint area of Abyei, sobering up an otherwise jubilant atmosphere in southern Sudan on the eve of the region’s historic vote for independence.

The violence, instigated by pockets of small militias, seems to be contained for now. Polling for the referendum is set to open on Sunday as planned.

For most of the past 50 years, Sudan’s southern region has been at war with Sudan’s government in the north. The weeklong popular plebiscite beginning Sunday in southern Sudan offers the oil-rich region the choice to secede and form a new nation. The vote was a core component of the 2005 US-brokered deal that ended the latest civil war.

World leaders have expressed concern that the expected vote for separation could inflame old tensions between the two sides and possibly lead to renewed conflict, especially along the two sides’ long shared border, where many areas remain disputed.

In Abyei, northern-aligned Arab Misseriya nomads have clashed twice with armed Ngok Dinka, the district’s ethnic southern permanent residents who want the area to join the south, according to the region’s Ngok Dinka administration.

The United Nations, which has a peacekeeping base in the district, wasn’t able to confirm casualties on Saturday.

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