Stunner. Muslim Brotherhood Announces They Will Support El-Baradei

The radical Muslim Brotherhood announced moments ago that they will support Mohamed ElBaradei to negotiate with the government.


Egyptian opposition forces have agreed to support opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei to negotiate with the government, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood said on Sunday.

“Political groups support ElBaradei to negotiate with the regime,” Essam el-Eryan told Al Jazeera television.

Al Arabiya television carried the same report on screen but did not attribute it directly to Eryan.

ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, came back to Egypt on Thursday night, just in time for the “Day of Anger” protests which have left President Hosni Mubarak clinging to power with the army in the streets. ARAB TV CHANNELS QUOTES EGYPT’S BROTHERHOOD FIGURE ESSAM EL-ERYAN SUPPORTING ELBARADEI TO “NEGOTIATE WITH REGIME”

El-Baradei has a long history with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Daily Beast reported:

Egypt’s new opposition leader, former International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed ElBaradei, has formed a loose alliance with the Brotherhood because he knows it is the only opposition group that can mobilize masses of Egyptians, especially the poor. He says he can work with it to change Egypt. Many scholars of political Islam also judge the Brotherhood is the most reasonable face of Islamic politics in the Arab world today. Skeptics fear ElBaradei will be swept along by more radical forces.

More… El-Baradei says in CNN interview Mubarak must leave “today” to make way for unity government. (Twitter)

Still More… Caroline Glick wrote this on Elbaradei:

As IAEA head, Elbaradei shielded Iran’s nuclear weapons program from the Security Council. He repeatedly ignored evidence indicating that Iran’s nuclear program was a military program rather than a civilian energy program. When the evidence became too glaring to ignore, Elbaradei continued to lobby against significant UN Security Council sanctions or other actions against Iran and obscenely equated Israel’s purported nuclear program to Iran’s… Elbaradei’s support for the Iranian ayatollahs is matched by his support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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