Dem Senators Who Are Pushing Card Check Want Their Own Secret Ballots

Their hypocrisy is never ending.
Senate Democrats want to start using secret ballots to elect committee chairmanships.
The Hill reported:

Senate Democrats elected in 2006 and 2008 are challenging the internal caucus procedures that have allowed veteran lawmakers to lock up committee chairmanships for years on end.

A group of junior Democratic senators are pushing for committee chairmen to stand for election at the beginning of each Congress, a requirement that has not been in effect for years, according to lawmakers familiar with the discussions.

They want to have more of a say in the leadership of powerful committees, such as the Senate Finance, Appropriations, Commerce and Banking committees.

The proposed rules change has made some chairmen nervous, Democratic aides say.

If chairman have to face re-election at the beginning of each Congress, they might be less willing to cut deals with Republicans. Or it could motivate them to be more generous in sharing committee funds with junior members who head subcommittees.

A group of members from the classes of ’06 and ’08 began meeting with Democratic leaders last year to discuss rules reform.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), a member of the class of ’06, is leading the charge. He would like for the Senate Democratic conference to elect chairmen by secret ballot.

At the same time… Democrats want to eliminate secret ballots at the workplace with their “Bolshevik” card check law.
They want union thugs to be able to intimidate workers into joining unions.
Of course, this latest bit of hypocrisy surprises no one.

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