Rush Speaks on the Left’s Unbridled Hatred for Sarah Palin (Video)

Rush Limbaugh addressed the left’s unbridled hatred for Sarah Palin today on his show.
This was great.
Via Hope for America:

“The very people that Obama it telling to ‘tone it down’ just can’t stop. The unbridled hatred for Sarah Palin goes on… unchecked… uncommented upon. The president, if he really meant what he said when he was talking about all of this could have easily named names… There was a moral equivalence started last night. The whole country’s guilty. We must do a better job. No, no, no. I won’t accept that.”

Here’s more of the segment from Rush’s website:

RUSH: Here’s an affirmation, folks, of my point earlier. Dan Balz in the Washington Post. “As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.” Now, if anybody has read the transcript or watched Sarah Palin’s video speech, there’s no “division” whatsoever. It’s an attempt to do the same thing Obama was attempting — unity, perspective, honesty — and yet there the Drive-Bys out there: “As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.” They just can’t help it…

…So in this speech last night, basically Obama’s saying what Chris Matthews and the others have been saying, that there’s no causal relationship between this crime and public debate. However, public debate, meaning conservative passion and arguments, needs to change. Don’t doubt me on this. Can anybody name a single Republican — I’m serious — can anybody name a single Republican who has said that this murder should be used to smear liberals or Democrats or to advance some political agenda? We have off the record types saying it to Politico and others. But can anybody name a single Republican? Is there any outpost of conservatism or in the Republican Party where a strategy is ongoing behind closed doors about how we can use this to demonize liberals? Or are we minding our own business and simply reacting to yet another spate of assaults on our character and dignity while we were minding our own business doing nothing?

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