Ron Reagan Jr. Tells Joy Behar: Dick Cheney Is an “Unindicted War Criminal”

No wonder the democrat-media complex loves him.
Ron Reagan Jr. told ultra-annoying liberal Joy Behar that former Vice President Dick Cheney is an unindicted war criminal.
Ron is out pushing his book… The best way he knows how.

Mediaite reported, via Free Republic:

Ron Reagan, man with a book to promote, isn’t content to sit back and wonder why brother Michael Reagan isn’t responding to his evites after writing that dad Ronald Reagan’s bout with Alzheimer’s Disease may have begun while he was still in the White House.

Now, the younger Reagan is sharing his opinions on former vice president Dick Cheney, who recently gave an interview to NBC. Reagan told HLN’s Joy Behar that Cheney was a “Gollum-like figure” popping up everywhere and called Cheney’s opinion that President Barack Obama is not as committed to fighting terrorism and protecting the U.S. as his predecessor George W. Bush “an offense of stupidity.”

He also shared that he feels Cheney is an “unindicted war criminal” for “presiding over a policy of torture” that went against his own father’s policies. We’re getting the distinct impression that he’s not a fan.

Earlier this week Ron Reagan claimed his father had Alzheimer’s Disease while in office.

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