Disgusting… ABC & Amanpour Scrub Tea Party Death Threat & Police Arrest From Live Broadcast (Video)

On Saturday, Tucson tea party leader Trent Humphries was threatened during a live town hall meeting. The event was hosted by ABC. While Trent was speaking, an audience member, leftist Eric Fuller, screamed, “Trent Humphries, you’re dead!” Fuller was arrested and escorted from the meeting. On the way out the door, this leftist hero screamed again, “You’re all whores.”

ABC news scrubbed the incident and arrest from their segment.

However, FOX News and several local stations were able to get video of Fuller’s arrest.

But, today during ABC’s presentation on This Week they scrubbed this entire event from their audience with exception of a slight mention at the end of their segment. Of course, they forgot to mention that it was the local Tea Party leader who was threatened with death by a local far left activist.

Here is the transcript from “This Week” this morning.

AMANPOUR: Congressman, the lady back there told David Muir that it’s time to have an honest debate in this community and perhaps in the country about this. Is that possible on this issue?

REP. RAUL GRIJALVA: I think we have to have this debate. This should be possible. As painful as that debate might be to some, it is essential. We have to talk about the issue of access. And that’s not undercutting the second amendment at all, but who? And then we have to talk about, I think, munitions, the magazine, the caliber. These are all fair discussions to have now. MUIR: Christiane, Trent Humphries is a Tea Party member and I’m curious, Trent, if you could stand for just a moment.

The Congresswoman supported the second amendment. She had a gun. And I’m curious when you hear this that there needs to be debate from democrats and republicans in the room where you see this heading forward?

TRENT HUMPHRIES: Well, I mean, we talk about the other things too is we talk about how come nobody could be aware this man had a medical history of — of that. But HIPAA laws would prevent that. It’s not just gun laws that are standing in the way of this happening.

There are all kinds of laws that Congress needs to look at and — and I think there is a time for this debate. But for what we saw and felt right now, I’m not sure that applause and things going on are appropriate right now until we’ve had actually, maybe had the funerals finished for the people that have –that were (sic) suffered and died.

My neighbor is one of those people. And — and I loved that man. And — and I want to see — I want to see some introspection maybe from the people before the national debate happens. You know, and those — and — and it’s very well to have those things. But something’s going to have to happen with — with everybody.

And — and I just — I mean, it’s — it’s something that where as a country, we talk about political discourse and what’s appropriate and what’s not. I think that — that applies to everybody including the media who’s — who’s — you know, and not in this — this — this has been a very, very cathartic thing for everybody.

Immediately after the shooting to see people jump to political angles. I just don’t want to see that right now and I’m a very political person.
So I — I would ask that maybe we — we have that discussion and it’s a larger discussion and that — and that we have that just a little bit later.

Up next, a time for healing. How Tucson and the country can learn from the tragedy, as our American conversation continues…

Then ABC finishes up the segment with this mention of the death threat:

AMANPOUR: As our town hall concluded, one of the victims of the shooting, who was in our audience because agitated and was detained by security. James Eric Fuller, who was shot twice last Saturday, took offices at what another audience member had said and mumbled what seemed to be a threat. He was charged with a misdemeanor and involuntarily committed according to the Pima County Sheriff’s office.

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The Blaze
has video of Trent Humphries at the debate but it it is hard to hear the outburst by Fuller that disrupted the event. An eyewitness State Rep. Terri Proud told me yesterday that she was sitting between Humphries and Fuller and the Fuller made the threats as Humphries was finishing up his answer. She said she was very disturbed by Fuller’s threat. The Humphries family was too upset to speak to me yesterday about the attack.

Related… Via Instapundit: There’s more evidence that the liberal media influenced Eric Fuller than there is that Palin influenced Jared Loughner.

More thoughts on the Fuller fiasco here.

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