POWERFUL– South Sudan Supporters Release Amazing Video Before Independence Vote

Wanumba sent this in…

Amidst the discouragement, some good news: Next week the climax of an incredible peace treaty, paid for in the blood of over 2 million Southern Sudanese, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement’s (CPA) guarantee of a Referendum vote for full independence of South Sudan.

Quietly and firmly, President Bush provided substantial backing to help make the CPA a reality and by that, this Referendum. The long-suffering Christians of Southern Sudan did NOT submit to subjugation by the Musllim Northern government.

The Southern Sudan churches are packed to overflowing.
They look to Isaiah 18 for inspiration: out of Cush, “a people tall and smooth-skinned…”

As always, many thanks for your tireless blogging efforts.

Thank you, wanumba.

This video produced by the supporters of independence in South Sudan was released in October.
It is called “Time to Vote” and it is powerful.
(Warning: Graphic images of genocide)

From the Video: This is the time for the people of South Sudan to stand up and choose their destiny. After many years of civil war and struggle, we finally have the opportunity in 01/09/2011 to vote for our own country. Our voices will be heard and we will make it to the promise land by the grace of God.


The referendum will be held next week on January 9, 2011.
Please keep these courageous people in your thoughts and prayers at this time.

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