Paul Ryan: Full Repeal of Obamacare Is the Only Way to True Reform

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke about the Republican’s “repeal and replace” plan on CNN this week. Republicans want to push a patient-centered bill to replace Obamacare:

This weekend Rep. Paul Ryan pushed the Republican plan to repeal and replace the democrat’s unpopular and costly new health care law in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Last week, House Republicans kept a promise made in the recent election by voting to repeal the costly new health care law. Now it is time to keep another one – and put in place fiscally responsible, patient-centered reforms that seriously address the problems in our nation’s health care system.

Since the health care bill became law, businesses, policy experts and government actuaries have confirmed what we already knew: If fully implemented, the law would spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have, raise taxes on families and businesses and put the federal government in the center of individual health care decisions.

Wisconsinites understand that the federal government cannot create trillion-dollar, open-ended entitlements and save taxpayers money at the same time. In short, the law is a dangerous house of fiscal cards.

Instead of honestly accounting for the new spending, subsidies and government agencies created by the law, those claiming it reduces deficits leave out the $115 billion needed to administer all its new programs. They also double-counted $500 billion as both budget cuts and future payments to Medicare and Social Security beneficiaries and failed to include more than $200 billion needed to avert scheduled cuts to Medicare physicians. Only by resorting to these budgetary sleights of hand did the law’s authors manage to conjure a projection from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office showing that the law will reduce our nation’s mounting deficits.

When you take away the smoke and mirrors, a more realistic projection results in a $701 billion deficit increase over the next decade. In the 10 years after the new entitlement is up and running, the law will add $2.6 trillion in new government spending. Proponents of this law cannot reconcile their manipulated deficit claims with the fact that the CBO has made clear that, double counting aside, the law will increase our national debt.

But repeal is not an end – it is a beginning. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, I will work with my colleagues to provide vigorous oversight of this law – and shine a light on its costly consequences. This Wednesday, the Budget Committee will welcome Dennis Smith, Wisconsin’s secretary of health services, to detail the impact of the intrusive new law on Wisconsin families…

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Paul Ryan is a superstar. The popular Republican won reelection in 2010 with 68% of the vote.

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