O’Reilly Calls On AZ Attorney General to Investigate Far Left Sheriff Dupnik (Video)

Bill O’Reilly called on the Arizona Attorney General to investigate far left Sheriff Clarence Dupnik after details were released on the lack of security at the public event by Rep. Giffords.
Via Media Matters:

Bill O’Reilly:

“…We got three (hot) issues. Three issues and this Dupnik says, “The rhetoric is so hot.” Well then I’m saying then why weren’t six deputies standing in front of her (Rep. Giffords)… I think there’s got to be a very, very stringent investigation by the Attorney General of Arizona into why if this sheriff was so hopped up about inflammatory behavior, the Congresswoman’s office had been damaged and they had no one there. I’m not buying that for a second.”

More… Ohio Granny added:

Last year our citizens group (912 Project) met with Dennis Kucinich in Ohio before the ObamaCare vote. He had 4 armed guards, 2 on each side of the door to his federal office space, and they all had their hands on their guns as we walked in. Then they stood and glared at us while we talked.

This Sheriff wants to blame others when he was criminally negligent in pursuing proper social intervention for this nut job. The blood is on him.

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