Oh, Good Grief… In Phone Call Obama Lectures Mubarak On Economics

Oh good grief.
Barack Obama tonight lectured Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (photo) on instituting a sound economic policy.

We’ve always been clear that there must be reform: political, social, and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people. In the absence of these reforms, grievances have built up over time. When President Mubarak addressed the Egyptian people tonight, he pledged a better democracy and greater economic opportunity. I just spoke to him after his speech. And I told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise.

Ar you freaking kidding me?
How nuts was that?

Barack Obama tripled the national deficit in one year. When Speaker Pelosi took over Congress the national deficit was $162 billion. When she exited in 2011 as Speaker it was at $1.29 Trillion dollars.
Obama topped a trillion dollars his second year, too.

(The Captain’s Comments)

Spending was up 84% under Obama.

That’s not all…
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly the worst jobs president in US history.

It’s really no surprise then that only 42% of Americans want to see Obama reelected.

Of course, the media hid all of this when Obama went in front of the American public and called for more spending on Tuesday.

And, Obama is lecturing Mubarak on economics? That’s crazy!

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