Obama Praises Congress For How They Honored Giffords… Forgets Dems’ Vicious Slander Against Conservatives & Tea Party

President Obama praised Congress this week for how they honored Rep. Giffords after the Tucson slaughter.
The Hill reported:

President Obama in his weekly address built on his Tucson memorial service plea for both parties to work together to meet the nation’s challenges as the House resumes work this coming week.

The president said the reaction to last weekend’s shooting that left six people dead and injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and 12 others was a reminder that “we are one American family, 300 million strong.”

“As business resumes,” he said, “I look forward to working together in that same spirit of common cause with members of Congress from both parties – because before we are Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans.”

Obama in his address called for both sides to temper their comments just as they did when they rose on the floor of Congress this past week to honor Giffords and pray for her recovery.

“One by one,” Obama said, “representatives from all parts of the country and all points of view rose in common cause to honor Gabby and the other victims, and to reflect on our shared hopes for this country.

“As shrill and discordant as our politics can be at times, it was a moment that reminded us of who we really are – and how much we depend on one another.”

Obviously. Obama was not too upset with the way democrats blamed the tea party, conservatives and Sarah Palin for the attack.

That was OK with Obama.

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