You Just Knew This Was Coming…
Obama called the dishonorable Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik today to thank him.

This was after the sheriff made a fool of himself by blaming Rush Limbaugh, tea partyers and conservatives for the acts of a crazy man.

The Political Punch reported:

President Obama spoke today with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, families of some of the victims, Rep. Giffords’ Rabbi and two of the heroes that helped in the Arizona tragedy on Saturday.

In a phone call this afternoon with Sheriff Dupnik, according to White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro, the President “thanked him for his department’s efforts to respond to this incident and coordinate with the FBI and Director Mueller on the investigation.”

Additionally the president also spoke with Patricia Maisch and Roger Salzgeber, two of the heroes from the shooting.

Of course, the fact that Obama would call and personally thank this sheriff who has been wrong on everything since the tragedy started surprises no one.

Maybe he’ll get Gibbs’ job?

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