National Journal: ANN WAGNER Stands Alone in RNC Chair Race

Ambassador, Proven Republican Leader, Visionary, and “West Point Mom” — Ann Wagner is running for RNC Chair.

Ann Wagner stands with the troops – and keeps a Glock pistol at home in her gun cabinet.

More good news for Ann Wagner…
According to the National Journal – Ann Wagner stands alone and is the only candidate acceptable to all in the RNC Chair race.
The National Journal reported:

Ann Wagner stands alone as the one candidate who possesses the complete package of skills needed to make a clean start and chart a new course for the Republican National Committee. Her pathway to victory is predicated on two fundamental realities in this election: 1) Ann Wagner is an acceptable choice for chairman by all or nearly all of the RNC members; and 2) Ann Wagner is, arguably, the very best candidate in the field.

As we enter the first ballot, Michael Steele should lead, followed by Reince Priebus. Wagner’s support will be in the mix with Saul Anuzis and Maria Cino, trailing Steele and Priebus. An incumbent chairman who cannot win on the first ballot will see his support decline on subsequent ballots. It will be clear after the first ballot that Michael Steele will not be reelected. This frees up his supporters, many of whom are courtesy votes on the first ballot, to go elsewhere. It also undermines that rationale for Priebus as a consensus candidate, needed to defeat Steele.

As support begins to shift from candidates who cannot put together 85 votes, we believe a vast majority of them will end up with Ann, setting up a 4th or 5th ballot contest between Wagner and Reince Priebus. At that point, we believe that Ann will be judged as the better choice by a clear majority of the committee.

Ann has travelled the country extensively over the past several weeks and has personally met with a majority of the members. In addition, she has spoken with nearly every member personally on the phone. We also have a strong coalition of publicly-supporting members who have already selected Ann as their first choice. These members have done a thorough job of following up on Ann’s personal contacts and we are confident that Ann is universally considered a top-tier candidate by every member of the committee.

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