More Bad News For Libs: Obamacare As Unpopular Today As the Day They Rammed It Through Congress

Latest Poll Shows Vast Majority of Americans Agree With Boehner – Want Obamacare Repealed

Obviously, the democrat’s health care bill is still extremely unpopular.

56% of Americans want Obamacare repealed and only 39% want to keep the law in place according to a FOX News poll released today.
FOX News reported:

As the battle over the Obama administration’s health care law is joined in Congress, most American voters are on the side of the measure’s opponents, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday.

When asked to imagine being a lawmaker in Washington and having to vote on whether to keep the new law or repeal it, 56 percent of voters say they would vote to repeal and 39 percent to keep the law in place. Representatives in the U.S. House took that vote Wednesday and voted 245-189 to repeal the law (or 56 percent to 44 percent).

A majority of Democrats would vote to keep the health care law (67 percent), while over half of independents (56 percent) and almost all Republicans (87 percent) would repeal it.

Few voters see an upside to the new law. Some 18 percent of voters think their family would be better off under the health care law. Compare that to 14 percent who thought the law would help their family a year ago (January 2010), and a high of 22 percent who thought so in September 2009.

Twice as many — 36 percent — think their family will be worse off under the law.

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