Meeting Conservative Rockstar Jim DeMint

I stopped by Senator Jim DeMint‘s office today.
It was an honor meeting this conservative hero.

Thanks to my friend Melissa Clouthier for taking the pic.
She also tweeted: “Two rock stars of the conservative movement @jimdemint and @gatewaypundit

Unfortunately, this did not go go over too well with the thumb suckers on the left.
Poor Eric Boehlert couldn’t help himself.

We also ran into conservative pundit, author, speechwriter and senior communications director for Senator DeMint – Amanda Carpenter.

Here Amanda is holding the Democrat’s Omnibus bill that went down in flames in December.
Of course, no one read it.
The Gadsden Flag on her office wall is a nice touch.


Senator DeMint was very gracious and gave us a few minutes of his time.
Melissa Clouthier and Amanda pose outside DeMint’s office in the Senate hall.

It was great meeting the DeMint staff. What a great bunch!

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