Media Kicks It Into High Gear Defending Obama’s “Flat” SOTU Performance

After his lackluster performance last night the media kicked it into high gear trying to defend his “flat” State of the Union Address.

No matter how hard he tried, Obama could not rise above the reality of the economic quagmire we are living through after two year’s of failed big government policies.
Here’s Yahoo’s headline:

Tone of speeches spotlights divide
Obama’s optimistic State of the Union clashes with grave GOP skepticism. ‘Sputnik moment’ vs. ‘day of reckoning’

Here’s how Yahoo described Rep. Paul Ryan’s honest explanation of the challenges we face as a nation.

In GOP response, Paul Ryan warns of economic ‘moment of reckoning.’ But while Obama tried to focus on the positive, the GOP presented a more sobering assessment of the nation under the rule of the Obama administration. In the official Republican response, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan blamed Obama for the nation’s rising federal deficit, saying the nation needs a change in leadership.

Citing the cost of Obama’s health care plan, the congressman warned that the nation’s debt is headed toward “catastrophic levels.” “Health care spending is driving the explosive growth of our debt,” Ryan said. “And the president’s law is accelerating our country toward bankruptcy.”

He warned that like Greece, America is facing a “day of reckoning.”

Despite the media’s efforts most Americans weren’t fooled. The energy was just not there for Obama last night. Obama once again tried to sell his big government solution to the American public. They weren’t buying it.

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