MARXISTS & LEFTISTS RALLY to Overthrow Tunisian, Egyptian & American Regimes (Video)

The Marxists held protests around the globe this weekend.
They want to see the end of the Tunisian, Egyptian and American regimes.

These Marxists marched in Cambridge, Massachusetts this weekend.

Here’s video:

They carried “Yes We Can” signs.


The American left, including the U.S. State Dept, Unions and New Media Companies, has been behind the scenes working to foment chaos in the Middle East.

The Marxist ANSWER Coalition organized protests in the US in support of the overthrow of the Mubarak regime.

Here are the ANSWER signs (in yellow) at the DC protest this weekend.


In case your are not sure about this radical group’s intentions… They are the same organization that is holding protests in support of the Marxist Chavez regime on February 2, the anniversary of his regime’s assault on the people of Venezuela.

More… Greenfairie asked:

Question: I’ve noticed at the U.S. protests a number of ANSWER signs and Palestinian flags/signs. They wouldn’t be cheering for Muslim Brotherhood, would they?

Answer: Yes, they would.

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