Breaking: LIKELY MUBARAK SUCCESSOR NAMED: Egyptian Spy Chief Omar Suleiman Appointed VP (Video)

Likely Mubarak Successor was just named in Egypt. Spy Chief was just appointed vice president. This was a newly created post since Mubarak has never had a vice president in over three decades.
Omar Suleiman, the spy chief, was just appointed the vice president today. Hosni Mubarak’s sons are not in Egypt, they are in London, and will not takeover the presidency after their father leaves office.

Lieutenant General Omar Suleiman (born July 2, 1936) is the current Vice-President of Egypt, and was formally a Minister without portfolio and director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (EGID), the national intelligence agency of Egypt. He has been in office since 1993. In his role as director of EGID, the British Daily Telegraph dubbed him as “one of the world’s most powerful spy chiefs”. Foreign Policy magazine ranked him the Middle East’s most powerful intelligence chief, ahead of Mossad chief Meir Dagan.

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