Journolist Lives!… Media Coordinates SOTU Response – Networks All Describe Lib Obama As “Reaganesque”

Don’t fool yourself… Journolist is alive and well.
It was apparent this week after Obama’s SOTU Address that the state-run media is still coordinating their message to the American people.

All three major networks described Obama’s confusing speech as being “Reaganesque.”
They want so desperately for the failed socialist they helped elect to appear like the beloved Ronald Reagan.
Media Research Organization reported:

And, what a coincidence!
TIME Magazine’s latest edition has both Obama and Reagan pictured together on its cover.
What are the odds?

They want us to believe that the man who bows to Hu Jintao and King Abdullah and the Japanese Emperor is the next Reagan.
Good grief.

For the record…
Sarah Palin will ill give a keynote address in February at the Reagan Ranch Center honoring the 100th anniversary of the former president’s birthday. (Not Obama)

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