James Taranto: Sheriff Dupnik Is Distracting Public From Looking At His Contacts With Killer Loughner (Video)

James Taranto, the editor of the OpinionJournal.com and author of its popular Best of the Web Today column at The Wall Street Journal. Tonight Taranto questioned Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s culpability in the Arizona supermarket slaughter.
Via Hannity:

James Taranto:

“I’d like to make one additional point on Sheriff Dupnik. I think we’re missing the point when we’re talking about his political agenda. This man and this suspect has had previous contact with the sheriff’s office. It looks to me, we don’t have many details on this, but it looks as though he slipped between the cracks. I think what we really need to look into is what happened when he had previous contact with the sheriff’s office with their negligence here. And, I think the sheriff is trying to distract from that question.”

Report: Sheriff Knew About Loughner’s Actions & Previous Threats – Failed to Act

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