IRANIAN REGIME Urges Egypt to Exercise Restraint Against Democracy Protesters

Unreal. The Iranian regime today urged the Mubarak government to exercise restraint against the democracy protesters.

This comes from the same regime that in 2009 was shooting at democracy protesters from rooftops…

…And, how could you forget how the regime shot Neda dead at the democratic protests.



Fars News reported:

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast asked the government in Cairo to exercise restraint towards the ongoing demonstrations of the Egyptian people, and stressed that Iran is closely monitoring the developments in the Muslim country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring all developments in different parts of Egypt, Mehman-Parast said, calling on the Egyptian officials to exercise restraint and guarantee the legitimate rights of the people.

He also called on the country’s authorities to listen to the voice of the Muslim people and abide by the rightful demands of them.

Mehman-Parast also stressed the need for refraining from any kind of violent reactions towards the wave of Islamic vigilance.

He underlined that the ongoing demonstrations of the Egyptian people is a just-seeking move in line with materialization of the nation’s national and religious requests.

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