Iran Press TV: Chavista Thugs Take Over Egyptian Embassy In Caracas (Video)

So-called Egyptian-Venezuelan protesters stormed the Egyptian Embassy in Caracas yesterday.
The Iranians are staunch supporters of the Marxist Chavez government.

Chavista thug Nicolas Murdoro, (pictured) Venezuela Foreign Minister, was at the scene.
What a coincidence?

Here is the report from Iran Press TV:

A group of young Venezuelan-Egyptians took over the Egyptian embassy in solidarity with the widespread protests that have swept the Middle Eastern country in recent days and reportedly left after speaking with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro.

Although the protest was at first peaceful, it turned violent when the security guards of the embassy tried to intervene. When reached for comment, they embassy officials refused to talk to Press TV.

President Hugo Chavez also said on the state TV, quote, ““They wanted to protest, but they shouldn’t have done that because we are obliged to protect all of the embassies, which are sovereign territory.”

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