Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow… Latest Unimpeachable Voice of the Left Finds Himself in Psych Ward Hours After Fame Strikes

Hero today, gone tomorrow.
What started out as a bad week for the left ended up a disaster.

Obama called off the dogs at the Wednesday pep rally but not everyone got the message.

Keith Olbermann was one of several leftists who was thrilled to use far left shooting victim Eric Fuller to hammer the tea party and conservatives. Fuller blamed the Tucson shootings by an anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, left-wing, pro-Marx, antiflag, “quite liberal” lunatic who hated Bush on conservatives Beck, Palin, Sharron Angle, etc. on Friday.

Of course, Fuller immediately became the left’s new unimpeachable voice of reason on the Tucson shootings.
At least Keith Olbermann thought so.

But Fuller’s time in the media spotlight was swift and cruel.

Just hours after being bestowed the latest unimpeachable voice of the left Eric Fuller found himself charged with threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct and forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

It was a bad week for the far left.

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