“Group of Youths” Ransack Milwaukee Mayfair Mall (Video)

A group of youths ransacked the Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee last night.
The mob ran through the Boston Store and destroyed mannequins, displays and windows.
One store employee shot video of the incident.

From the video: This is around 5:45pm after screaming and running had occurred. Not much can be seen here, other than large sums of teenagers congregating to the escalators by the Boston Store (where the vandalizing had happened) and it was still pretty noisy as the majority of them were all downstairs and being herded out by Mall Security and Milwaukee Police Officers. Here I was at the Barnes and Noble where it was closed off to the rest of the mall due to the premature closing.

WISN reported:

Few official details are being released about an incident that occurred at Mayfair Mall on Sunday around 5:30 p.m.

Wauwatosa Mayor Jill Didier told 12 News there was “definitely a disruption” that forced the mall to close early.

A customer inside Boston Store during the disruption described what she witnessed to 12 News.

“A crowd of like 50 to 60 kids just came barreling through the upstairs door at Boston Store, knocking down everything they could touch. They went running down the stairs. All that we heard was glass breaking. There was security yelling to every manager to lockdown the doors, lockdown the mall, lockdown the store,” the customer said.

That customer sent a few photos to 12 News that show mannequins and items knocked down inside Boston Store.

This photo was taken after the incident.

This image, submitted by a reader, of the inside of the Boston Store at Mayfair mall in Wauwatosa shows racks and mannequins thrown on the floor. Mayfair Mall closed down about a half-hour early Sunday evening amid unsubstantiated reports of gunfire. (JS Online)


Police released few details on the incident.

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