Frightening: Muslim Brotherhood Militants Escape From Prison in Egypt (Video)

Thousands of prisoners have escaped prison in Egypt including Muslim Brotherhood militants.
Middle East expert Walid Phares weighs in on the radical group that is the leading opposition group in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has inspired two of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups– Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Today they announced their support for opposition figure Mohamed Elbaradei.

Walid Phares:

“On the ground of radicalization, the Muslim Brotherhood is clearly one of the major engines of creating the terrorists if not engaging in terrorism directly… The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal is not secret. They want to bring down the government of Egypt as it exists now and as it exists later if the reformists would take over. They’re against a secular, pluralist, democratic government. They want to establish an emirate. An emirate would be something that would look like the Taliban but they are very shrewd in showing only the piece of that agenda that they would accommodate. They say, “We don’t want Mubarak. But, they don’t say what they want. They will take roots in a country and then they will impose their own regime.”

Phares also said the Aljazeera’s goal is to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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