Go Figure…. Leftist Hero Eric Fuller Has Long History of Violent Unhinged Behavior

On Saturday Trent Humphries, the Tucson tea party leader, was threatened with death by far left activist and unimpeachable voice of the left Eric Fuller at a taped ABC town hall meeting in Tucson. Fuller was heard screaming “whores” at the audience as he was dragged from the event and arrested. ABC and Christine Amanpour decided not to show Fuller’s arrest to their Sunday audience. After all, it was just a tea party conservative who was threatened with death.

Fortunately, the arrest was aired by other more credible news organizations.

That wasn’t the first time Fuller found himself in a violent confrontation. On the morning of the Safeway shooting Fuller reportedly was seen arguing with a former Marine. This occurred before Loughner arrived and started his killing spree.


Marilyn Zerull, who ran for office recently in Tucson for the state house of representatives, is familiar with Eric Fuller. She shared with me today her experiences with the far left activist.

Last year between the primary and general elections Fulller was the inspector of elections at the polling station she worked at in both the primary and general elections. First of all, just after the primary, during the training session, Marilyn said she was warned about Fuller. She knew he was confrontational. So she was worried. He acted very bizarre during the training sessions. During the day he would stand up in the middle of room and do leg kicks and karate chops.

One time, during the primary elections, Fuller went outside and started screaming at a woman who was handing out literature beyond the 75 foot limit. He chased her to her car. The woman was very frightened and locked her doors. Eventually, she fled to another station. Fuller also had a run-in with the police that day.

Sometime between the primary and general elections, Al Melvin was holding a town hall. It was pretty civil. Afterwards, Eric Fuller came over and started a confrontation with Marilyn. He just started arguing loudly and spewing the typical leftist talking points. Fuller is always reportedly looking for opportunities to argue with Republicans. It’s what he does.

They worked together again during the general election at the same polling station. Eric Fuller would get up and go play the piano during the day and he talked about how good democratic policies were to the people coming into the polling place.

Marilyn felt Eric Fuller was disturbed and felt it was important for him to stand trial.

Another source and fellow poll worker I spoke with today who wished to remain anonymous also believed that Eric Fuller should stand trial for threatening Trent Humphries.

This weekend far left Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik announced that he was ready to release Eric Fuller after his pyschiatric testing unless Trent Humphries pressed charges. Is this really the right thing to do? Especially after 6 people were gunned down by a madman just days ago?

This morning Trent Humphries released a statement. Fuller is not the only one who has threatened Humphries. Trent is afraid for his own personal safety and the safety of his family. Fuller is just one of the loons who has threatened him after the Tucson shooting. But, Eric Fuller has a history of violence. He should remain locked up.

UPDATE: Eric Fuller issued an apology to Trent Humphries today.

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