Franklin Graham: Obama, Tucson Memorial Service “Scoffed” at Jesus (Video)

On Tuesday, Rev. Franklin Graham told students at John Brown University that Barack Obama and university organizers “scoffed” at Jesus during the Tucson Memorial last week.

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Politics Daily reported, via Free Republic:

In a speech on Tuesday at John Brown University, a private Christian college in Siloam Springs, Ark., the son of the revered evangelist Billy Graham voiced “dismay” at the way the Tucson memorial service was conducted, arguing that it was not as explicitly religious — apparently meaning “Christian” — as those following the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks.

Graham was particularly upset that the Tucson memorial featured a Native American who called upon “father sky and mother earth,” according to a Christian Post account of Graham’s chapel service comments.

“There was no call for God to put His loving arms around those who were hurting,” Graham said. “Why did they leave him out? They scoff at the name of Jesus Christ.”

Graham went on to say that the scoffing and persecution against Christians is only going to get worse, the Post reported.

“The spirit of anti-Christ is everywhere,”
he said. “We’re being secularized so quickly. Anything that has to do with Christian faith is slowly being taken out of society.”

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