Failure. Economy Produces Less Jobs than Expected – December Unemployment Rate at 9.4%

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly the worst jobs president in US history.

In December the Obama economy once again created less jobs than expected.
We’re getting used to this.

The unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in a year. It’s still pathetic but maybe there is hope since Republicans took over the House.
Reuters reported:


The economy created far fewer jobs that expected in December, suggesting the Federal Reserve will complete its asset buying program, but the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest in more than 1-1/2 years.

Non-farm payrolls increased 103,000, the Labor Department said on Friday, below economists’ expectations for 175,000. Private hiring rose 113,000, while government employment fell 10,000.

However, overall employment for October and November was revised to show 70,000 more job gains than previously reported. The unemployment rate fell to 9.4 percent, the lowest since May 2009, from 9.8 percent in November.

UPDATE: BB sent in the updated graph that shows where we the unemployment is today compared to where we were told it would be if the Trillion dollar Obama-Pelosi Stimulus was passed.

UPDATE: The actual unemployment rate is closer to 11.7% .

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