Egypt Is the New Iran

Former Republican Congressional candidate and friend Ari David sent in this analysis on the current crisis in Egypt.
Let’s hope another Islamist hell like Iran does not await the Egyptians, the Middle East and our world.

Egypt is the New Iran

“When Great forces are on the move we realize we are spirits, not animals” – Ronald Reagan

The circle is now complete. This week Barack Obama truly became what many people believe he was all along, the long lost second term of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The parallel between the snakebit presidency of Carter and the snakebit Presidency of Obama is stunning. The very week of –“Barack Obama 2.0” the “Comeback Kid” the “Clintonesque pivot” the “I love Ronald Reagan” TIME Magazine cover and the “It’s jobs and the economy stupid”- Obama’s weakest issue, foreign policy, leapt from the dark to grab his full attention at the worst possible time.

How is Obama handling such a crisis in order to not let it go to waste? The exact same way that Jimmy Carter let the congruent 1979 situation in Iran go to waste.

First he criticized the weakened leader of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. Next Obama threatened to emasculate Mubarak’s standing with the Egyptian military by reducing US financial aid if Mubarak didn’t allow the protests and revolution in the streets to continue.

Obama followed up by tacitly signaling that he supports the violent Islamic protests which are backed by the Shariah-compliant extremists of the Moslem Brotherhood, which is the only real opposition party in Egypt to the thirty-year dictator Mubarak. After that, like Carter, Obama showed constant indecision and weakness, which is having the result of undermining our allies and empowering the forces of insanity and evil on the ground in Egypt and other destabilized countries in the region like Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan.

Just like Carter, Obama got us to this point by undermining our only ally in the area, Israel, and empowering all of her regional enemies for the first two years of his presidency. That undermining has led us directly to these out of control events.

At this moment, of the four nations that border Israel, two of them, Syria and Lebanon, are client states of Iran waging constant war and the other two which both have brokered peace are facing internal turmoil, Jordan is facing Islamic protests in her streets and the relatively stable tourist destination Egypt, is exploding in revolution.

The way Obama is handling the Egyptian crisis there can only be one outcome. The Moslem brotherhood will seize total control of the nation and turn the Arab world’s most populace country into a totalitarian Islamic theocracy just like Iran. Egypt’s fall will be a strategic disaster for the US because Egypt borders Israel and controls the vital Suez Canal which connects the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The Suez is one of the most vital water-ways in the entire world because it is the shipping lane that allows Middle East oil to get to the consumer countries in Europe.

If Egypt falls to this kind of governance total war will quickly come to the Middle East with catastrophic strategic and economic consequences for the whole world.

What should have Obama done? The answer is simple. He should have done the exact opposite of what Carter did in dealing with the Shah of Iran. Obama should have empowered President Mubarak to crush the uprising swiftly and ruthlessly, taking advantage of the fact that Moslem ideation always respects the cold demonstration of power. He should have backed Mubarak by pledging even more military aid to help with the crisis as a symbol of American support and he should have called all associated with the Moslem Brotherhood to surrender or face brutal retaliation.

We can look at these events and Obama’s reaction and see that he is acting in support of the revolution. Obama always supports the side of the Islamist extremists in Middle East affairs. Maybe this is further proof of Obama’s “Moslem Faith” or maybe it is yet another sign of Obama’s weakness, insecurity with his identity as America’s leader or yet another sign of Obama’s limitless well of immaturity.

Iran has been a bastion of total evil since Jimmy Carter allowed her to become an Islamic theocracy in 1979. No country in the world has been more responsible for atrocious evil acts than Iran in all of these years and is now at the doorstep of possessing nuclear weapons. All of this pain is the Jimmy Carter legacy bequeathed upon our generation.

Obama is making a journey down the same path. How ironic that these events are occurring the same week as Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. A cold reminder of who saved America and the world from Carter’s total incompetence.

Sometimes events happen in the world in just such a way that remind us all that God’s hand is involved in all things. The week of Obama’s great pivot and Reagan’s 100th birthday, it seems as if God himself stepped in the way of Obama’s plans to end America’s pre-eminent position in the world and delivered world events to him in such a way that the inescapable parallel between Obama and Jimmy Carter can not be avoided except by the most liberal of media lapdogs or the most obtuse progressive voter. The liberal media supporters of Obama are calling the events on the ground in Egypt the “Arab world’s summer of love” and a “Middle Eastern year of Aquarius” (sic). Just like Carter’s Iran, Egypt will prove the beginning of the end for the Obama presidency and an end to any credibility his world view has with the American voter.

The week of the 100th year of his birth, America will be reminded by world events of just what made Ronald Reagan so great.

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