Lib Mouthpiece Chris Matthews Bashes Old White People on MLK Day (Video)

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, liberal mouthpiece Chris Matthews bashed old white people.
NewsBusters reported:

From the transcript:

MATTHEWS: And I think the American people on average when they’re in a good mood, which they often are, want our presidents succeed, want our presidents to succeed, no matter their politics…
…Did you see the age difference there?

What would you say it is?

MATTHEWS: It means- it’s significant. I think older Americans, older white people still have a problem with this guy.


MATTHEWS: And I think that’s a generalization and I’ll stick with it. I think younger people do not see race as an obstacle. I don’t think- I think, they’re much more non-judgmental. In fact, about ethnicity, they just say that’s not relevant- In fact, they say it’s irrelevant and don’t even notice it, whereas older people notice it all the time.

Don’t worry seniors.
They’ll start talking nice to you again when they need your vote in a year and a half.

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