Crackpot Leftist Hero Speaks to Press After Release From Jail: “In Some People’s Mind This Might Discredit Me”

On Saturday Trent Humphries, the Tucson tea party leader, was threatened with death by far left activist and unimpeachable voice of the left Eric Fuller at a taped ABC town hall meeting in Tucson. Fuller was heard screaming “whores” at the audience as he was dragged from the event and arrested. ABC and Christine Amanpour decided not to show Fuller’s arrest to their Sunday audience. After all, it was just a tea party conservative who was threatened with death.

Fortunately, the arrest was aired by other more credible news organizations.

That wasn’t the first time Fuller found himself in a violent confrontation. On the morning of the Safeway shooting Fuller reportedly was seen arguing with a former Marine. This occurred before Loughner arrived and started his killing spree.

Eric Fuller was later arrested and put through a psychiatric evaluation.
Today Fuller spoke to the press after his release.
KGUN reported:

When Tucson Tea Party leader Trent Humphries suggested it was too soon to talk about tighter gun control, Fuller did something that got him arrested. He pointed a camera at Humphries and said, “You’re dead.” Now, Fuller has apologized for the perceived threat that landed him in hot water with the authorities…

…Deputies took Fuller’s actions as a serious threat. They did more than arrest Fuller. They invoked a state law called Title 36 and placed him under an involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

“What do you think of the idea that they ended up putting you into a psychiatric commitment based on what happened at that town hall?” 9 On Your Side reporter Craig Smith asked.

“That’s true, and this might in some people’s mind discredit me, Craig, from what I’m saying, what I’m espousing, what I’m advocating. But, that’s their decision to make,” Fuller responded.

Fuller said he wants to work against assault weapons, and regards a handgun as an assault weapon if it has a high capacity clip like the one used in the mass shooting.

“And another thing we need is to expand mental health facilities, not cut back on them. It’s cruel to put people who are mentally ill in jail,” Fuller added.

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