Bush on Turncoat McClellan: “I Didn’t Think He Was Relevant” (Video)

George Bush got in the last word on turncoat Scott McClellan.
The former president told C-SPAN audience that his former press secretary was not “relevant.”
Media Bistro reported:

Nothing worse in power hungry Washington than being downgraded to unimportant.

Former President George W. Bush, the guest on this Sunday’s “Q&A” interview program on C-SPAN, with questions from students at SMU. He’ll be discussing his memoir Decision Points.

Bush comments on why his former press secretary, Scott McClellan, doesn’t appear in the book: “He was not a part of a major decision. This is a book about decisions. This isn’t a book about, you know, personalities or gossip or settling scores. I didn’t think he was relevant.”

Here’s the video:

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