Breaking: Rahm Emanuel Kicked Off Chicago Mayoral Ballot


Sorry Rahmbo… An Illinois court today ruled that Rahm Emanuel does not meet the qualifications to run for mayor of Chicago.
ABC Local reported:

The Illinois Appellate Court ruled Monday that Rahm Emanuel is not a resident of Chicago and is therefore not qualified to run for mayor.

The appellate court reversed a lower court’s decision. Emanuel is expected to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Critics argue Emanuel is not a resident because he moved to Washington, D.C., to work as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff at the White House. One of the requirements for mayor is that candidates must live in Chicago for a year before the election, which is on February 22.

Emanuel said he always planned to return to Chicago and was only in D.C. for the job.

In December, a hearing on Emanuel’s residency was held by the Chicago Board of Elections. They determined he met the requirements of a resident and a Cook County Circuit Court judge ruled in favor of that decision.

Hmm… It must be Palin’s fault? Maybe the Tea Party?

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