BREAKING: Major Announcement in Egypt – MUBARAK RELEASES STATEMENT “I Will Not Allow Escalating Violence” (Video)

BREAKING: Egypt Parliament to Make a Statement Shortly Concerning Breaking News!!- via FOX and Al-Arabiya

The Atlantic

The UN released a worthless statement: Egypt must listen to its people.

Mubarak is speaking to the country! Mubarak says he has always cared for the poor…
Mubarak says nothing about Israel.
Here is his statement:


“Civilized people can not let the country go down the drain. We will rise above the arsonists and looters. I call upon the youth and every citizen to work for the interest of the country…

…I risked my life for this country to reach its goals. The reforms do not mean that we should go back. Prosperity for the citizens. We’ve taken steps to fight unemployment. We helped the poor. Wehave to work and fight for it. We will build the future of the country based on this. We need to be aware of any escalating violence. I will not allow escalating violence. I will not let fear control our destiny and future. “

MORE: Mubarak tells his government to step down.

UPDATE: The Telegraph is reporting that the American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

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