Bill Maher Rages Over Olbermann’s Exit: “F**k Them If They Don’t Get a Joke” (Video)

Liberal host Bill Maher was the first far left loon to go off after the news broke last night that MSNBC’s top attack dog Keith Olbermann was stepping down. Rachel Maddow and Maher discussed Olbie’s departure last night on “Real Time.”
Mediaite reported:

In what one might mildly call a fortuitous bit of timing, Bill Maher had Rachel Maddow on Real Time tonight – the same night Keith Olbermann abruptly announced he was hosting his final program on MSNBC…and Maher wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room with Maddow on his program.

Maddow said she knows “very little about” the situation, and called Olbermann “very gracious and nice” in his exit, and said little beyond that except that the decision was between Olbermann and the network. Maher, of course, was more animated, calling the idea that Olbermann leaving MSNBC was mutual “bullsh*t,” and saying the writing was on the wall when he toned down segments like “World’s Worst.” Maher’s reaction to that:

“Stop organizing life around the people who don’t get the joke. F**k them if they don’t get a joke.”

Here’s the video:

How sad.


Keith Olbermann was the face of the far left.

How will they ever replace this unhinged lunatic?

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