Ann Wagner Surges in RNC Chair Race… Steele & Priebus Slide

Ambassador, Proven Republican Leader, Visionary, and “West Point Mom” — Ann Wagner is running for RNC Chair.

Ann Wagner stands with the troops – and keeps a Glock pistol at home in her gun cabinet.

Ann Wagner had a successful week campaigning for RNC Chair. She did well at the debate and picked up some major endorsements including the the endorsement of former RNC Chair, Governor Marc Racicot.
Ann released this statement on Satuday.

With only one week before the RNC Chair election, I continue working hard to talk to as many members as I can about the future of the RNC. In fact, I nearly rang in the new year on a late night New Years Eve flight out of Maine.

And Speaking of Maine, I was honored this week to receive the endorsement of The Pine Tree state’s GOP National Committeewoman Jan Staples. I am also very excited to announce the endorsement of Kentucky’s GOP National Committeewoman Gail Russell. Jan and Gail are great leaders for the Republican Party in Maine and Kentucky and I am proud to have them on our team. You can read their statements here.

I was also thrilled to receive the endorsement of former RNC Chair Governor Marc Racicot. Governor Racicot and I worked closely together when I served as RNC Co-Chair. As he pointed out in his endorsement, we raised a lot of money and helped win historic elections across the country for the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, Michael Steele and Reince Priebus did not have such good news.


The RINO List released a statement today urging members to vote Steele out.

On January 14, this Friday, the leadership of the Republican National Committee will vote on who will be the new chairman. Michael Steele has been one of the most ineffective and damaging chairmen that the Republican party has allowed to lead its chief fundraising organization in recent history.

And, after his lackluster performance at the debate last week, Reince Priebus faced more criticism on his performance and record.
Big Government reported:

With a liberty loving America under threat from what amounts to a Leftist onslaught of Big Government, we need a united and cohesive Republican Party to continue to try and set this country right, just as we began to do in November of 2010. The Tea Party, energized activists, now published and read broadly on the web, are not going away. Still, it is what might be called the political establishment that gets to call the shots, especially as regards the race for RNC Chair. There is nothing wrong with that. You have earned that privilege from all your fine work.

Yet, somewhere there must be a meeting of the minds between the base and establishment if we are to have the unified and energized Republican Party we need going into 2012. By and large, the base has determined that Reince Priebus is unacceptable to them as chair. There are good reasons for that. I will address them later, as stated. But at the same time, both Saul Anuzis and Ann Wagner are acceptable. That is not because Anuzis and Wagner are somehow of us and not of you, the establishment. We are not being uncompromising here.

In fact, as their more than viable candidacies indicate, both Anuzis and Wagner are very much of the political establishment, not opposed to it. And that’s how it should be.

What they both have done, and Priebus has not, however, is demonstrate that they get it. They made the effort to engage the energized activist base, made their respective cases and have both won hearts and minds. That is, after all, what lower-case “D” democratic politics is all about, is it not?

The election is Friday.
Let’s pray the RNC chooses wisely. 2012 will be a critical year for the party and this nation. We can’t take another four years of Obama.

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