Al-Qaeda Released Statement Targeting Alexandria Church 2 Weeks Ago

Al-Qaeda in Iraq released a statement two weeks ago targeting the Alexandria Coptic Christian Saints Church. The order to “bomb churches during the Christmas holiday” was posted online.

21 Christians were murdered when a car bomb exploded as they were leaving New Year’s Mass.

A man mourns over a family member killed in a car bomb attack on a Christian church in Alexandria on January 1, 2011. A suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Coptic church on Saturday, killing 21 people and wounding 79 others in an attack President Hosni Mubarak said was the work of “foreign hands.” (AFP)

Voice of the Copts

Al-Qaeda affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq, had ordered its militants to attack Egypt’s Coptic Christians two weeks before a Church was bombed in Alexandria killing 21 people, according to a statement posted on the group’s website.

The website, named the Network of Islamic Glory, carried a statement calling militants to “wake up” and prepare for “bombing churches during Christmas celebrations.”

The making of an explosive device by the ‘Islamic State of Iraq’

“Peace be upon those who follow guidance…We did not forget your heinous action in Egypt and your kidnapping of those Muslim women who chose to discard the illusion of what you call Christianity,” the group said, addressing what it called “the Crusader West.”

“Therefore, I call upon myself and upon every Muslim jealous of the dignity of his sisters to bomb churches during Christmas celebrations, meaning at the time when churches are crowded,” the statement added.

The group mentioned names of many churches to be targeted, including the Coptic Christian Saints Church in Alexandria, which was bombed on Saturday.

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