A New Truth Czar?… GOP Rep. Calls Obama a Socialist During SOTU

It looks like we have a new Truth Czar.

As President Obama was delivering his State of the Union Address last night Rep. Paul Broun M.D. was delivering his response via Twitter.
The Hill reported:

GOP Rep. Paul Broun (Ga.) rebuked President Obama using perhaps the sharpest language among his Republican colleagues following the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Broun took to Twitter during the address, accusing the president of believing in socialism. Obama touched on several economic themes during his address, emphasizing the need for the U.S. to be competitive in the global marketplace.

“Mr. President, you don’t believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism,” the tweet reads…


…The atmosphere on the House floor during the address was a bit more subdued than in recent years and dozens of members from both parties sat together rather than in the traditional partisan seating arrangement.

Like other members, Broun live-tweeted the address, posting 40 times during the speech that lasted over an hour.

“Freezing spending at record high levels is not making tough decisions,” he also tweeted.

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