Third Term Governor Brown Sworn into Office – Previously Campaigned Against Term Limits

Governor Jerry Brown was sworn in as the 39th Governor of California today. It will be his third term as governor.
CSPAN reported:

Governor-elect Jerry Brown was inaugurated as the 39th governor of California at the Memorial Auditorium in midtown Sacramento. Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakayueof the California Supreme Court, swore in the new Governor, who gave an address to the thousands of spectators gathered.

Check this out… What a nut.

Brown has now been governor 3 times in a state with a 2 term limit.

And, wouldn’t you know it… Brown called for term limits for members of Congress back when he announced his run for president in 1992 and promised to “take back America from the confederacy of corruption, careerism, and campaign consulting in Washington.”


Good luck, Golden State.

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