20 Year-Old Islamist Moscow Airport Bomber Identified

Earlier this week Russian officials identified Vitaly Razdobudko, a member of Shamil Basaev’s old group Nogai Jamaat, as the ringleader behind the deadly blast last week.

Russian authorities identified the 20 year-old Islamist responsible for the Moscow bombing that killed 35 people. They have not yet released the name of the suicide bomber from a North Caucasian republic.
Itar-Tass reported:

The suicide bomber who set off the explosive device is identified — it is a 20-year-old native of a North Caucasian republic, the Investigation Committee’s spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

“Though the investigators know the name of the terrorist, we will not give it today, as investigation and operative search work is underway now to establish and arrest the organisers and the accomplices of the terrorist act,” Markin noted.

The official said investigators of the main department of the Russian Investigation Committee together with operatives of the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry had solved the crime committed at Domodedovo airport on January 24.

“I particularly note that the terrorist act was committed in the international arrivals hall not accidentally. According to the investigators’ version, it was aimed first of all against foreign citizens,” Markin said.

The investigators are ready to make public the results of the investigation into another terrorist crime. All the persons involved in the explosion that took place in a hotel room at the sport shooting club located at Golovachev Street in Moscow on December 31, 2010, are identified, Markin said.

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